What you should look out for when shopping for a drug testing kit for your workplace

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Most of the modern organizations have the desire to create a drug-free workplace for their employees. This helps in ensuring that the working environment is safe as well as healthy and productive for everyone. In addition to the personal interests of the organization, there are some federal laws which require the employer to ensure that drug usage at the workplace is limited. You will realize that the most effective method that will provide a drug-free environment is having a workplace Drug test.

There are various types of drug testing kits and each of them has its own fair share of benefits and shortcomings. You will have to consider factors such as employee privacy, testing cost and repeated procedures before you decide on the drug testing kit that you will use at your workplace. This page will help you learn about the things that you should look out for in a workplace drug testing kit.

Test for multiple drugs

You will obviously want to have an effective testing procedure that will be able to detect the presence of popularly used drugs as well as the uncommonly abused drugs. Make sure you have a testing kit that will not allow any employee to escape from being identified for any kind of drug abuse.

The comfort of the employees

It is now possible to get a testing kit that requires a single specimen so as to detect the presence of many illicit drugs. You will, therefore, get to conduct a less invasive and convenient procedure because the employees will not be required to go for a sample collection every time.


There are some testing kits which are able to detect the presence of specific drugs while there are others which can detect the presence of multiple drugs. You will be able to save on the cost of drug tests if you use a kit which is able to test for various drugs at the same time.

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